Frequently Asked Questions

Download Cobra Tag Manual

Does this work with the iPhone® 5, iPad and other iOS devices??

Yes, Cobra’s 2nd generation of the Cobra Tag will work with the iPhone® including the new iPhone 5. It has the part number BT225 UNI and NOT just BT225. iPhone and iOS device users please make sure to buy the one with UNI. The Cobra Tag BT225 will not work with the iPhone. Please note, models released for sale around the world will work with iOS devices from their first launch. These part numbers include BT225 EN, BT225 EU, BT225 RU and BT225 JP.

What are the minimum requirements for phones supported by Cobra Tag?

The Cobra Tag is supported and has been tested for phones running iOS 5.0, Blackberry OS 4.5 or higher and Android OS 2.1 or higher. For best performance please update your phone to the latest operating system it is compatible with.

How does this thing work?

The Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to form a wireless link between the Tag and your Smartphone. When the wireless link is broken an alarm sounds on BOTH the phone and the Cobra Tag. A Cobra Tag App is needed on the phone to monitor the status of the Bluetooth connection to the Cobra Tag and control the alarm and notification settings.

How do I install the Cobra Tag App on my mobile phone?

The Apps are downloaded to your phone directly from the Apple® App Store, Google Play or Blackberry® App World . Enter the Apple® App Store, Google Play or Blackberry® App World from your phone and search for the words “Cobra Tag”. More information is at the following links:
Apple® App Store
Google Play
Blackberry® App World

I can’t figure out how to turn it ON, OFF or pair the Cobra Tag. Where can I find the manual for the Cobra Tag?

Download a PDF of the manual here

How do I turn the unit ON and OFF and what do the red and blue lights mean?

To power the Cobra Tag ON. If the device is OFF, press the button once to turn on. Blue LED blinks 3 times to indicate ON status.

To power the Cobra Tag OFF. If the Tag is ON, press and held for more than 10 seconds to turn OFF. The Tag will beep to confirm power off. Red LED blinks 3 times to indicate off status.

If the Cobra Tag is ON and connected to mobile phone. The LED light will remain Off and does NOT blink.

If the Cobra Tag is ON but disconnected from the mobile phone (trying to connect) the Blue LED blinks once every 1 minute.

If the Cobra Tag battery is low the Red LED blinks once every 1 minute.

How often do I need to charge it?

The Cobra Tag has an internal rechargeable battery. Based on typical usage, the Cobra Tag has a maximum of seven days of battery life. The charge state (remaining charge) can be viewed from the Cobra Tag App on the phone.

What is the range of Class B Bluetooth wireless technology?

The range is about 10 Meters or 30 feet.

What can the Cobra Tag be attached to?

The Cobra Tag can be attached to anything valuable. The most common uses are keys, laptop or tablet bag, camera case, purse, etc.

How many Cobra Tags can be connected to one mobile phone?

The maximum number with some phones is 7. The maximum number that can be paired with iOS devices is 1. This is based on a technology limitation. It seems that some phones can’t simultaneously handle 7 Tags and are better off with 1-5 maximum.

Can I use a Cobra or other manufacturer’s Bluetooth headset for handsfree talking while using this product?

Yes you can. The Cobra Tag uses a different Bluetooth communication link than the headsets (called serial port profile) so they can both work together.

Why is this better than the ZOMM?

For a bunch of reasons. The four primary reasons are:
a. Two way alarms powered by the Cobra Tag App.
b. The unique finder feature allows you to alarm either the Cobra Tag or the Smartphone by pushing a button on the other.
c. One week of battery life!
d.  You can continue to use your favorite Bluetooth headset or in-car system even when Cobra Tag is connected to your phone and protecting your valuables.

Can the Cobra Tag override my Smartphone when its set to quiet or vibrate mode?

Yes, the Cobra Tag alert notification settings can be set to do that.

How many Smartphones can the Cobra Tag be connected to at one time?

It can only be connected to one Smartphone at a time? Reset the Cobra Tag if you want to set it up with a new phone and create a new pairing.

How do I reset the Cobra Tag?

The Cobra Tag can be reset by continuing to hold in the button during power off. Hold in the button for an additional 5 seconds (total of 15) after you see the 3 red blinks of the LED during power off. You will hear a tone indicating it’s been reset.