Set Up

Cobra Tag setup is quick an easy.

Charging your Cobra Tag

1) Charge your Cobra Tag unit using the included USB cable on your computer or standard wall adapter with a USB port. The Cobra Tag will turn red when charging and blue when charging has completed.

Installing the App and Pairing to Your Smartphone

1) Go to the Apple® App Store, Google Play or Blackberry® App World on your mobile phone and search for the Cobra Tag App.
2) Turn on the Cobra Tag device by depressing the button for 1 second. The device will beep and the light will flash blue three times.
3) Launch the Cobra App on your smartphone and select “Add new device”. If prompted for a password, enter “0000″. The basic setup is done.

Download Links

Click here to download the FREE Cobra Tag iPhone App!
Click here to download the FREE Cobra Tag Android App!
Click here to download the FREE Cobra Tag BlackBerry App!

Using the Cobra Tag

1) Attach the Cobra Tag device to your keys, laptop bag or whatever you want to keep tabs on and make sure the device is on.
2) Start the Cobra Tag app on your smartphone. Make sure the Cobra Tag device you want to track is enabled and turned on in your device list.

Your Cobra Tag is now set up and ready to use. See the user’s manual for additional set ups and details.